Angela’s ABCs Practice and practise

One letter makes all the difference:

Practice and practise, licence and license follow the same rules as advice and advise which we posted last week.

Practice is a noun and practise is a verb:

‘When she qualified as a doctor, she joined a general practice in a deprived part of the city.’ noun

‘She decided not to practise medicine any longer in order to become an MP and champion the rights of the marginalised.’ verb

Licence is a noun and license is a verb:

‘He vowed not to drink any more as he did not want to risk losing his licence.’ noun

‘The restaurant was licensed to sell alcohol, and he couldn’t resist having another drink.’ verb

Just to clarify:

A noun is a naming word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or abstract idea. Nouns are usually the first words that small children learn:

  • The duck dived down after the bread.
  • Sally loved her furry bear.
  • He experienced real fear as the door slowly opened.

A verb, in simple terms, is a doing or being word, it expresses actions, events, feelings or states of being:

  • He closes the gate every morning.
  • She felt sick.
  • They  were looking forward to attending the meeting.

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