Trevor Tells It Like It Is

We’re just a little country at the arse end of the world, but when it comes to facing up to imaginary threats we’re world class. While we’re still flushed with the success of the Dotcom family offensive, yet another potential enemy has been summarily dealt with, this time in the form of an HIV positive four-year old boy being expelled from a childcare centre after pressure from a parent group. Not content with that victory, this neo-inquisition gang descended on the boy’s elder brothers’ schools to reinforce the point. This sort of callous disregard for a child’s emotional well-being surely belongs more to criminals than ordinary parents.

The Whangerei based childcare centre is managed by… believe it or not… a ‘Trust’. Trust is a nice word, it conjures up virtue and dependability, but maybe those involved with this persecution prefer another definition; I’m sure there is one somewhere they can bend to suit their purpose. Doubtless interested parties will flock to Whangerei, meetings will be held, expenses incurred and pockets peed in. All because no-one had the guts, kindness and common sense to tell a few ignorant bullies to sod off. The final word should go to the boy’s grandmother when she said “It’s a lonely disease.” It’s even lonelier if you’ve got it in Whangerei.

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