When shall we three meet again?

It’s hard work this blogging business. Servicing our 5 followers (that would be us 3, my mum and Trevor’s wife), providing wit and wisdom (debateable) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and replying to abusive followers – that would be my mum again.

To make sure all this happens, we occasionally meet to discuss things like our SEO strategy and what tea we prefer. It’s not always possible to get together in person when one of our contributors is based on the other side of the world. So, Trev and I were delighted that the lovely Angela has jetted in from Chiswick and will be available for regular meetings for the next 8 months. Welcome back Ange.

In honour of her return, we went out for a ‘working’ lunch and let Angela write up the minutes herewith:

Venue:     Richmond Road Larder

Eaten:       Trev and Angela – pot pie with salad and chutney

Emily – full English breakfast

Angela – cake

Drunk:      Angela and Emily – gumboot tea

Trev – Earl Grey tea

Noted:      Alcohol licence to be obtained soon


  1. Emily to contact Jo with a view to increasing our client base, maximising our SEO and exploring linkage. Financial contribution would be forthcoming from all bloggers to achieve this.
  2. Meetings at three weekly intervals of all bloggers necessary to improve communication and facilitate inter-blogger flattery and fun. Date of next meeting Thursday 4 October, same time, same place.
  3. More frequent meetings of the two person alcohol sub-committee needed at the Franklin to explore alcoholic attitudes, approaches and assumptions. Dates to be arranged between the two members.

Photos of the alcohol sub-committee attached.

Will anyone notice if I grab 40 winks?

When do they get the booze licence?

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