Another tough day at the office…

Venue: Richmond Road Larder

Eaten:   Trev and Angela – poached eggs on ciabatta toast with chutney. Emily – mushrooms in cream sauce on toast (bit too rich for me actually, should have stuck with the tried and tested big breakfast – ES)

Drunk:  Not bloody likely as the management at Richmond Road Larder have yet to obtain an alcohol  licence due to “signage issues.”


  1. Emily to pursue contact with Karen who could help with our SEO and other publicity matters. All bloggers to contribute  to facilitate this.
  2. Subjects for future blogs could include: Flash in the pan celebrities – where are they now? (Emily), Paedophile problems and the reluctance to deal with them (Angela), Life improving events, e.g. creation of the Welfare State (Trevor). Emily and Angela to produce pieces on the ‘Come dine with me’ theme to complement Trevor’s.
  3. Improved attendance needed at meetings of the two person alcohol sub-committee. One member had lapsed recently and the other member was in danger of developing into a one man show with authoritarian overtones.

Photo of the alcohol sub-committee at work at the Franklin before the aforementioned lapse.

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