Angela’s ABCs: Words Easily Confused – Faze and Phase

Faze is a verb meaning to disturb, disconcert, daunt, worry or put off one’s stride.

  • The noisy heckling from the crowd did not faze the candidate.
  • She was not fazed when a piece of scenery fell over, but continued dancing.

Phase is a noun meaning a period or stage such as a phase of the moon, the latest fashion phase or a phase of somebody’s career.

  • He’s just going through a difficult phase in his life.
  • There was a phase of wearing mini-skirts in the 60s even in the depths of winter.

Phase is also a verb meaning to plan or carry out systematically, usually followed by in or out. For example, when you implement a plan little by little, you phase it in. When you abandon a plan little by little, you phase it out.

  • The memo described how the unsuccessful night courts were to be phased out as quickly as possible.
  • The new benefit changes would be phased in over the next two years.

Here’s a composite example to finish:

  • Don’t be fazed if your toddler is going through a phase.

Toddler tantrum

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