Angela’s ABCs: Noisome and Noisy

Everyone probably knows what noisy means,








but what about noisome?

I realised today that I didn’t really know what noisome means. So I looked it up and now I know that it means:

  • Offensive, disgusting
  • harmful, injurious to health, noxious
  • very disagreeable or unpleasant
  • sickening, nauseating
  • morally offensive

They lived next door to a huge rubbish tip and were badly affected by the noisome vapours coming from the smouldering waste.

A noisome stench emanated from the pile of decaying food.

noisome brew








The home brewed beer turned out to be a noisome concoction, barely drinkable.

The candidate from the extreme right party continued to proclaim his noisome views, full of prejudice and bile.

4 Comments on “Angela’s ABCs: Noisome and Noisy

  1. Alway most interesting for a non-native speaker like me to learn about such differentiations. Thank you so much!

    BTW, did you see the piece about Australia, I posted today?

    Happy greetings from an extraordinary sunny Germany and wishing all of you a happy, relaxating and enjoyable weekend,
    Salva 🙂

    • I did indeed read your piece on Muslims in Australia and found it very interesting and informative. I had no idea about the history of Muslim immigration which you describe. Thank you for drawing it to my attention.

      • Happy to have been of service. 😀

        Always looking forward to the pices of your triumvirate” …

        Happy sunshine greetings,

      • Please let us know when you publish something in English because we’d be very interested to read it. Our German isn’t up to much though, I’m sorry to say.

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