The trials of Trevor by Angela Caldin


Trevor at his happiest with a bottle of beer in hand

As must be well known to our regular and esteemed readers, our fellow blogger, Trevor Plumbly, is the mainstay of this blog. While his two female companions fall by the wayside in spectacular fashion from time to time, it is Trevor who doggedly carries on blogging, and keeps on churning out his opinions on a myriad of topics.

Stepping up to the plate

Well, it’s fair to say that his blogging sisters are now to be sorely tested because Trevor went into hospital yesterday. He is going to have back surgery to put an end to the acute pain he has been enduring for the last few weeks as a result of a bad fall. Painkillers didn’t work, even stronger painkillers didn’t work, two spinal injections didn’t work and all the while our Trev was putting up with debilitating pain which saw him in bed in the early evening for a restless and pain-filled night and prevented him getting out and about during the day.

Life curtailed


The blogging sisters who must take up the baton while Trevor languishes in hospital

As many of you know, Trevor calls himself a ‘blindy’ and up until recently, he got about in his neighbourhood of Ponsonby using a white stick with a revolving ball on the end. He is registered blind, but has some residual sight which enables him to read large print at close range, to use an iPad and to operate a special computer with a black background and yellow letters. Most of these pleasures were curtailed because of the extreme pain he was under, so that his main solace was listening to music – mostly classical, but with a few more modern greats such as Nat King Cole. This was a lonely and deeply depressing situation for someone used to fending for himself, being active in spite of his lack of sight and meeting Emily on a regular basis down at the pub.

Bolshiness prevails

Eventually, his loving and feisty wife, Pam, became exasperated with the whole miserable situation and wrote a strongly worded letter to the doctor, demanding that something must be done. Within days, an appointment came through for surgery. We hope fervently that it will be successful and that the wicked, witty, jovial, cheeky person we know and love will be restored to us.

T – stop buggering about, your pint’s getting warm. Em

12 Comments on “The trials of Trevor by Angela Caldin

  1. Get well soon Trevor.
    FWIW- I am probably more concerned about the person in the bottom right of the photo with Trevor clutching his beer.

    • Do you mean what looks like a pair of legs? I hadn’t noticed them before and I’m not at all sure who they belong to! But if you’re round at Trevor and Pam’s you have to be prepared for anything. Angela xx

  2. Hi Trevor

    It sounds, from this end of the globe, that things can only get better and this comes with the best of wishes to you and Pam that they do so pretty smartly, and in way that you (and the rest of your loyal readership) get a few good anecdotes out of the whole palaver***!

    Mid 18th century (in the sense ‘a talk between tribespeople and traders’): from Portuguese palavra word, from Latin parabola comparison (see parable).

  3. Hello Angela, Trevor doesn’t know us but we read and enjoy all your his and Emily’s publications here in London.
    We wish him all the best, and many beers to come…

  4. As Angela says, you keep the whole blog thing going. Good lad. My thoughts and good wishes are with you. Who’s going to keep us amused? The other two are slackers!!

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