Humour to the rescue by all three of us

Donald Trump has certainly attracted more than his fair share of press and media coverage in recent days; to the extent that it’s almost impossible to find any sort of fresh slant on the man. It seems that it has been left to the glitterati of Hollywood to achieve the kind of satire that he deserves. If Alec Baldwin’s impersonation is a jewel, Melissa McCarthy’s turn as Sean Spicer is a sparkling diadem. Inspired by them, we wanted to find our own way to lampoon Trump and his administration and, after a somewhat boisterous meeting, we decided that we could best do this by turning to the limerick form in his honour.

Here are our efforts; we may add the odd one down the track, but in the meantime why don’t you join in? We’ll post yours, provided you stay within the boundaries. Attribution is, of course optional…




There once was a bigot called Trump

Whose young wife was far from a frump

Which led folk to say

Will she leave him or stay

With that small-handed, cruel-faced chump.




With redneck rhetoric and lopsided grin,

He distrusts Muslims and abortion’s a sin.

The wall no doubt,

Will keep the Mexicans out

And hopefully Trump’s people within.




There is a fat twatter called Trump,

Who’s starting to give me the hump,

With his comb over hair,

He’s a fucking nightmare,

I’m hoping he’ll go run and jump.


One Comment on “Humour to the rescue by all three of us

  1. brilliant. here’s my poem

    *Big Don (after Roma Potiki)*

    Big Don rides us hard

    His limo stalking us too close

    Flipping his straw hair ruffled by wind

    Sniffing from his breakfast coke

    In his shiny suits and loud, loud ties

    Glowering like a tart servile orange

    He thinks he’s just it

    No question

    Big Don plays fast and loose

    Conning with his lies

    Astounding with his nasty quips

    He swankers by

    Basking in his own ego

    Head held high

    Smirking like a Cheshire cat

    He’s the goods

    No question

    He leaves a trail

    Of despair and broken women

    As he grabs their pussy

    Clutched their breasts

    His for the asking

    No question

    So I smile

    And think

    Thank God

    I’m here

    Not there

    No question about that

    That is until he fades

    And then I grin



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