Poetry please by Angela Caldin

I’m delighted to say that our joint post with three limericks inspired by our feelings about Donald Trump reached our widest audience yet on Facebook (that’s what Facebook told us, so it must be true). Disappointingly though, none of our followers sent in a limerick of their own. This made us a little downcast, but our spirits rose again when we received not a limerick, but a whole poem from Ann Chapman which I’m taking the liberty of publishing here. I was going to add a photo of the leader of the free world, but then decided that we’d seen quite enough of him in recent days and it was better to let Ann’s words speak for themselves. Thank you Ann for a great poem.

Big Don (after Roma Poliki)*


Big Don rides us hard

His limo stalking us too close

Flipping his straw hair ruffled by wind

Sniffing from his breakfast coke

In his shiny suits and loud, loud ties

Glowering like a tart Seville orange

He thinks he’s just it

No question

Big Don plays fast and loose

Conning with his lies

Astounding with his nasty quips

He swankers by

Basking in his own ego

Head held high

Smirking like a Cheshire cat

He’s the goods

No question

He leaves a trail

Of despair and broken women

As he grabs their pussy

Clutched their breasts

His for the asking

No question

So I smile

And think

Thank God

I’m here

Not there

No question about that

That is until he fades

And then I grin



*Roma Potiki is a Maori poet, playwright, performer, and visual artist. She is the author of Stones in Her Mouth (1992) and Shaking the Tree (1998) and the play Going Home (1996).


3 Comments on “Poetry please by Angela Caldin

  1. Thanks for that but alas a typo was missed by me. Seville orange not serville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey Ann you’ve given the old site a shot in the arm! 8 likes is just about viral for us, so thanks, but bugger the typo I reckon ‘Serville Orange’ is a fine concept and worthy of further development. Cheers, Trevor.

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