Send in the clowns by Trevor Plumbly

I’m beginning to wonder if the popular concept of progress is entirely beneficial to the human race. Sometimes it seems that the more enlightened we become, the more patent stupidity creeps in. The least harmful, but possibly the most ludicrous, is the current fad for verbal gender neutrality.

Today I heard a half hour radio discussion involving four adults, debating whether or not certain words are acceptable to those who wish to ram the more idiotic facets of gender identity down our throats. Somewhat naively, I’ve always held the theory that those invited to join such discussions are either informed, funny or capable of constructive criticism, but not, it seems, this mob.

A PC pantomime

To be fair, the host did try to steer his guests towards some sort of rational exchange by introducing a professor of languages. This gal (whoops!) took five minutes to reach the conclusion that language was prone to change. Undeterred by this bombshell, the trivial trio delved into the sexual evils of the words ‘manners’ and ‘mankind’. Predictably, they failed to inject any sense into the topic or reach anything remotely resembling a conclusion. Inequality exists, in far too many guises in all societies; discussing its effects in a gossipy type forum does little to broaden understanding.

United bulldogs

I have mentioned the senility of ‘The British Bulldog’, but even that slumbering old mutt pales alongside the ineffectiveness of the United Nations. This mob personifies progressive sloth and bureaucracy at its bungling best. They have a ‘peace keeping force’ that doesn’t enforce anything; they continue to permit the power of single veto in their ranks from the same countries that flout the sanctions they impose. Every day we read of children and civilians dying of starvation, disease and even chemical weaponry as a result of yet another useless war. Meanwhile, in UN HQ in New York, those we trust to stop the madness consult and compile meaningful responses before joining in a debate destined for yet another impasse. To paraphrase, ‘There ought to be clowns…Don’t worry, they’re here’.

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