Short and Curlies by Emily Smart

It’s been a bizarre couple of weeks which have left me pondering whether there is any sanity left in the world.

I was hoping Facebook might get its comeuppance with the latest data breach news, but unfortunately, no. It would appear that (to borrow a quote from the Zuckerberg himself) “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa”. Is he a genius or is he Machiavellian? I suspect the latter given an exchange of instant messages between the tight-permed one and a college friend from back in the earliest days of Facebook. Zuckerberg is quoted as mocking his fellow students who were willing to give him personal information saying “They ‘trust me’… Dumbf*cks”. So, Zuckerberg will continue, the corporates and marketers are complicit and the squirrel watchers can say goodbye to their right to any privacy.

In other news

I’ve been reading about those cheating Aussie cricketers. I saw it with my own eyes – as did the rest of the world via one of the many cameras following the action. How did he think he would get away with it in an age where you can’t scratch your backside without someone, somewhere picking it up on a camera? And now, to add insult to injury, the world is debating whether one of the culprits didn’t cry enough when he made his (rather belated) apology. Seriously, can we get back to the fact that if you get caught cheating there are going to be consequences. Unless, perhaps you’re Mark Zuckerberg.


Trump is still ‘in charge’ of America, despite trade tariffs, porn star allegations, ridiculous tweets, and another round of senior staff leaving the White House. Meanwhile in Russia, the dictator – sorry President – Putin has just been voted to stay in office for another term. And then there’s the not very United Kingdom and the inability of anyone (in government or beyond) to understand how to leave the European Union.

Thank goodness Facebook steers clear of politics!

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