A Death Unnoticed or Neighbourhood What? By Trevor Plumbly

Lonely Death We’re all a bit battle hardened when it comes to the news and I’m certainly no exception; but occasionally the odd story strikes a chord and I get moved to shove it into as many people’s consciences as possible, hence this departure from poking fun at some aspects of life. I read this morning of an elderly man’s body being discovered some six weeks after his death, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of utter sadness. Dying, despite the adventure yarns and Hollywood versions, is still a sad affair for… Read More

Sin Eating – An Unhealthy Diet by Trevor Plumbly

The ancient art of sin eating Even at age 70 one can always find a new challenge. Just today I discovered an ancient group of chaps known as ‘sin eaters’. It seems that, in earlier times, the job of these guys was to ensure that the departed didn’t go upstairs with anything sinful attached. It was a fairly simple process: bread and beer were passed across the corpse to the sin eater who tucked in, symbolically consuming the sins of the departed. He then collected his fee and waited for the next… Read More

My Bucket List by Angela Caldin

When Emily first suggested that she and I should write our own bucket lists following Trev’s  compelling example, I was very resistant – I didn’t want to do it at all. I couldn’t  see the point of pinning myself down to things that I might have no interest in after a year or two. But once I started, I found I really enjoyed it and things just flowed along like shopping items on the supermarket conveyor belt on their way to the till. And when I look at them again, I see… Read More

My bucket’s got a hole in it by Trevor Plumbly

It was a new one on me when I first heard the term ‘bucket list’. Apparently it’s a list of things you’d like to do or see before you kick it. Does that make sense? It does till you try to make one! I don’t know if there are any rules regarding length and feasibility for the list, but I decided to keep my list reasonably short; I’ve thumbed my nose at fate a fair bit recently and didn’t want to overdo it. I look forward to my fellow bloggers baring their… Read More

The Devil’s Brew by Angela Caldin

It is with trepidation that I start to write about alcohol and its effects on us and our society, because I am more than well aware that my two fellow bloggers like a drink or twelve and that one of them at least has certainly suffered from some almighty hangovers in her time. But I am troubled by the hold that alcohol seems to have on our society at all levels, most dramatically among the young. Its effects are all too apparent in our town centres every weekend, when getting ‘bladdered’ seems… Read More