It’s only words and words are all I have…by Emily Smart

How many people do you know who don’t like music? I’m guessing that would be none. Everyone likes some type of music from rock to pop, classic to jazz. Music has been on my mind quite a bit of late. This could be something to do with the fact that I have now got my stereo on a shelf surrounded by my CDs. Hitherto, said music machine had been in a box packed away, and then balanced rather precariously on a sofa in the lounge, which is neither safe nor advisable in… Read More

Conclusion Thinking TMP* – rational thinking in an irrational world. By Emily Smart

Given the proliferation of help, advice and outright molly-coddling we have around us, it’s a small wonder anyone ever actually gets to think for themselves. The average person, earning a reasonable income, owning a home and raising a family, has an abundance of sources where they can ‘download’ their issues and get help finding solutions to moral, ethical, physical and mental problems.  And if they can’t directly find someone to help, they can seek those that have been in a similar position. From Internet chat rooms, self-help books, documentaries and Dr Phil… Read More

Cha Cha Cha Changes. By Emily Smart

It’s a funny thing turning forty. Not funny ha ha, or even peculiar, more bloody annoying than funny actually. I remember when I was kid and my parents hit the big 40. In my mind they may just as well have turned seventy. I have been in my forties now for  a while and I am starting to realise just why people have a ‘mid-life crisis’ or look at things differently when they say goodbye to their thirties.

A Walk in the Park (Part II) by Emily Smart

It’s been a week of rules. Spoken, unspoken and broken.  It’s got me thinking about how we cope in our daily lives with the myriad of ethics, morals and standards that we and others impose, without even thinking about them. I’m not talking about laws. Obviously it isn’t a good idea to go around killing people and, whilst I am still unsure what coveting my neighbour’s wife means, I probably wouldn’t recommend that either. No, it’s the smaller things I’m talking about. I found myself repeating for the umpteenth time to a… Read More

A Walk in the Park by Emily Smart

I was giving our toilet the equivalent of a whore’s wash yesterday – a quick wipe on the plastic and porcelain with a wet wipe and a splash of Harpic around the rim – and I was reminded of my mate Catherine. It was Catherine who came up with the idea of the walking school bus. No, not the one where parents wear luminous workman vests and wrangle 20 kids to school trying to avoid busy roads, squealing brakes, broken bones and calls to 111. Our walking school bus is made up… Read More