Sin Eating – An Unhealthy Diet by Trevor Plumbly

The ancient art of sin eating Even at age 70 one can always find a new challenge. Just today I discovered an ancient group of chaps known as ‘sin eaters’. It seems that, in earlier times, the job of these guys was to ensure that the departed didn’t go upstairs with anything sinful attached. It was a fairly simple process: bread and beer were passed across the corpse to the sin eater who tucked in, symbolically consuming the sins of the departed. He then collected his fee and waited for the next… Read More

The Perils Of Dining Out When You Can’t See by Trevor Plumbly

Making a meal of it – the difficulties of dining out when you’re blind What used to be an event or celebration has become the subject of debate within my family. ‘Let’s eat out!’ was a popular proposition; so it was into the car and cruise the local eateries until a decision was reached on which particular food most of us would be happy with. From memory, there was never a unanimous vote, so it was quite common for one of us to sit at a table yearning for Chinese whilst the… Read More

Dinner for One by Emily Smart

A Blog About Hosting an Imaginary Dinner Party for 4 Literary Characters Choosing who to invite Playing catch up – yet again – to my fellow bloggers (honestly old people have too much time on their hands); I have been tasked with writing a post on hosting a dinner party for four literary characters. For most people this would probably be an arduous task. There are literally millions of literary characters to choose from, and therefore it would be difficult to narrow it down to merely four. Alas, it’s an arduous task… Read More

Dinner for Four by Angela Caldin

Guest list Edward and Jane Rochester Catherine Linton and Heathcliff The Rochesters arrived first, Jane leading the way, while her husband’s right hand rested on her shoulder as she guided him towards the table. At his heels trudged a long-haired black and white Newfoundland dog, loyally glued to its master. Jane apologised for the dog and said she hoped it would be acceptable for Pilot to lie under the table as he was too old to be left alone now. They sat down at opposite sides of the round table and Pilot… Read More

Dinner for Four by Trevor Plumbly

10 minutes to go; so I double-checked the booze and the seating arrangements: Micawber should sit opposite Miss Moneypenny and next to Mary Poppins, while Jeeves would fill the fourth chair. Micawber was the first to arrive clad in a polo shirt and dress jeans; it was tough to see him as the Victorian law clerk. ‘Many thanks for your gracious invitation kind sir!’ he boomed. I decided to wait until the party had all arrived before explaining the nature of the dinner. Next in was Miss Moneypenny; she had scrubbed up… Read More