Youth Crime – Dealing with the Half-Pint Pirates by Trevor Plumbly

Countless Agencies in the Field of Youth Crime To my jaundiced eye, it seems that there must be more people fighting juvenile crime than there are juvenile criminals to go round. From politicians to parents and the liquorice all-sorts of agencies in between, it’s astonishing to me that an army of this size can’t solve a problem that a clip round the ear might have sorted out a few years ago. But parents, even if they could be bothered, aren’t allowed to do that anymore. Contribution of Consumerism to Juvenile Crime I… Read More

Come back Mr Bumble, Our Justice System Needs You by Trevor Plumbly

The legal system past and present ‘If the law supposes that’ said Mr Bumble in Dickens’ Oliver Twist, ‘then the law is a (sic) ass’. If it were possible for dear old Bumble to comment on the ‘modern’ system he’d probably express the same opinion. In the interim, the ass has been cross-bred with a few cash-cows, but hasn’t developed too much in the way of common sense. The system is still cluttered with outdated rigmarole, useless precedents and an internal language guaranteed to make sure the gap between the cognoscenti and… Read More

Fare Well on Welfare by Trevor Plumbly

Welfare State Systems – The Original Concept We don’t send young kids up chimneys anymore; the poorhouses are all gone along with the lunatic asylums and, to a large extent, hunger and extreme poverty have been eliminated. For all that progress, we owe an awful lot to the architects of the welfare state system, first put into practice in the UK and Germany, then copied in many other countries. Like Christianity and Communism, state welfare in its pure form made perfect sense, in both political and humanitarian terms. Improve the lot of… Read More

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.’ By Angela Caldin

There is much in the media in recent days about paedophiles; some well-known, some not so well-known. Perhaps we should remind ourselves that for every paedophile there are likely to be multiple victims.  But there doesn’t seem to be a great deal written about these victims, who in very many cases have to live the rest of their lives knowing that nothing has been done about the perpetrator and that little has been offered to them by way of help and support. Most of us have probably had a childhood experience where… Read More

A Real Disaster by Trevor Plumbly

Sometimes I think human nature can be quite unpleasant. Normally the unpleasantness manifests itself in fairly predictable ways, but recently it seems that the obnoxious tendency to point the finger of blame extends to just about any situation, regardless of how tragic. The Christchurch earthquake here in New Zealand demonstrates this point pretty well. At the time, there were glowing reports of heroism and dedication to duty by the public and the services involved. But, sadly, once the dust settles, the good things get pushed aside to make way for the blame… Read More