100 Word Story by Emily Smart

Elizabeth, What have I done to make you hate me? I have always loved you, provided for you, and yet, that’s just not enough. I don’t ask for much in return, simply love, kindness and respect. Instead, you choose to ridicule me in my own home in front of our very dear friends.

My Life Flashed Before Me Part 2 by Trevor Plumbly

Back From the Jaws of Death Avid readers of this blog will remember my brush with death which led to my hospitalisation and my urge to write a list of musical favourites. Eventually and happily, the emergency ward folk decided that the bloke with the scythe had decided to give me a miss and I was trundled, still wired and plugged, to a holding ward for ‘overnight observation’. They’re many things these emergency doctors, but gamblers they ain’t. Having sorted out my musical bucket list, there was little to do in the… Read More

Collaborative Short Story by Angela Caldin and Friends

I belong to a writing group composed of five friends who met 10 years ago on a week’s holiday on the island of Zakynthos where we took part in a creative writing course. (Actually, that’s not strictly accurate as one of the friends is my husband whom I met more than 40 years ago and he didn’t do creative writing, he did sailing, but we let him join the group nonetheless.) One of our activities over the years has been to write stories where one of us starts off and then the… Read More

Carol Ann Duffy, a Truly Accessible Poet by Angela Caldin

Brief Background on Carol Ann Duffy I knew three things about Carol Ann Duffy a few days ago. I knew she was the Poet Laureate in the UK, following on from Andrew Motion and Ted Hughes. I knew she was the first woman to hold this post. I also knew that she was gay, or perhaps bisexual. Now, since my husband gave me a copy of her collection of poems entitled ‘The World’s Wife’ for my birthday, I know a great deal more. Mainly that she is witty, subversive, inventive, observant, thoughtful,… Read More

Think On by Angela Caldin

‘Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.’ Aldous Huxley