Problems with Technology for those with Poor Eyesight – White Caners Keeping in Touch by Trevor Plumbly

Evermore Sophisticated Gadgets Even with good eyesight, I always found technology elusive, a sort of nether-world inhabited only by bespectacled nerds and nimble-fingered youths. These people could do THINGS! Things quite beyond my capability, like programming video players or setting digital alarm clocks. In those days they had a sort of ‘harmless party trick’ novelty about them, but I always felt they were up to something. Now, of course, largely due to lack of control, they just about rule the world! Or most of the bits that are worth ruling. As is… Read More

They’re playing our song. By Trevor Plumbly

As dirge-like and uninspiring as it was, I still remember being obliged to stand for the national anthem which at that time played in British cinemas and theatres at the conclusion of every performance. Generally, those renditions were more dutiful than enthusiastic and kids found it far more uplifting to sneak out the back door than to join in. It seems to me that the problem with national anthems is that some just don’t hit the mark. If we start with England (where else?), ‘God save the Queen’ hardly qualifies as the… Read More

Young, old or in-between? By Angela Caldin

A piece of cheerful news has come out on the BBC website of particular interest to our forty something blogger, Emily, who, as our regular readers will know, has been dismayed about reaching such an advanced age and concerned about her lifetime’s legacy. The good news is that, according to a survey of 1,000 UK adults aged 50 plus for the Love to Learn online learning website, middle age does not begin these days until you are about 55 – how great is that? And Britons do not see themselves as elderly… Read More

Bugger, it’s my turn by Emily Smart

It’s all very well Trevor setting these bloody challenges and me whole-heartedly agreeing to contribute after two pints of cider down the Franklin, but now I have to write the bloody thing. Regular followers will know that my fellow bloggers have shared their innermost wants and desires of things they want to achieve, make happen or do before they’re six foot under or turned to dust. Should I be writing a bucket list at nearly 42? Given my constant eating of burgers, chocolates and pizza, coupled with my love of the pub… Read More

My Bucket List by Angela Caldin

When Emily first suggested that she and I should write our own bucket lists following Trev’s  compelling example, I was very resistant – I didn’t want to do it at all. I couldn’t  see the point of pinning myself down to things that I might have no interest in after a year or two. But once I started, I found I really enjoyed it and things just flowed along like shopping items on the supermarket conveyor belt on their way to the till. And when I look at them again, I see… Read More