Good sports by Trevor Plumbly

My contribution to the world of sport is minimal to say the least. As a result of family circumstances, I was neither watched nor encouraged to play team sports. Painfully thin, I learned early in life that physical well-being was preferable to the risks posed by playing school sports. These days however, I live in a country where a sprained All-Black thumb can send a decent percentage of the population into stress mode. Even my grandsons have been peer-pressured into joining these educationally approved forms of ritual abuse. Most thinking adults struggle… Read More

Thanks a million! By Trevor Plumbly

Jolly jack tars It’s that time again folks; the Circus is coming to town! The world’s wealthiest sporting clique is gearing up to battle for the America’s Cup and already the posturers, promoters and blatant arse-kissers are moving into action along with near-sighted politicians. There’s money to be made here folks and the dollar dung-flies are already starting to swarm. It mystifies me that a few mega-wealthy playlords could succeed in foisting this vanity-driven con job onto a country constantly striving to maintain healthy social and educational services. Press gangs The politicians… Read More

Boules in a London park by Angela Caldin

A few days ago, I was introduced to the gentle sport of boules in Palewell Park, East Sheen. An unlikely place to find this typically French game being played, I thought, but it turns out that boules is very popular indeed in this country and there are geographical leagues and competitions a-plenty. A simple game The idea of boules is that two teams play against each other and players throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet. The game is normally played on a… Read More

Another gold rush by Trevor Plumbly

The four yearly international gathering for the brightest and best to wave their flags and weep over a few bits of shiny metal is just about over. Athens to ashes That a city like Rio, so plagued with poverty and all its unpleasant side issues, should be picked for this sporting love fest indicates that the International Olympic Committee have little conception or concern for the economic and social impact of hosting these huge events. Since ‘Hitler’s Olympics’, the games have been marred by elitism, racism, terrorism and, more recently, drug induced… Read More

Members of the Jury by Angela Caldin

Yesterday, 26 April 2016, was a historic day for football, for justice and for some kind of peace for the many families who have been campaigning and suffering for 27 years. The jury in the inquest into the 96 deaths at the Hillsborough Stadium disaster returned a majority verdict (seven out of nine) of unlawful killing. That jury, composed of six women and three men, heard evidence over a period of two years. It must have been extremely difficult to find people who were able to devote that length of time and… Read More