Cheats Never Prosper by Trevor Plumbly

Hottest news from these far flung shores is that a NZ cricketer has been found out for cheating! So what’s the big deal? People have been cheating at sport since they invented the stuff; I have no literal proof that the ancient Olympians fiddled with the rules, but it stands to reason that if you made your javelin a bit lighter than the other bloke’s, you’d be able to throw it further. Let’s face it, them early Greeks might have been artistic, civilised and all that, but I betcha they still didn’t… Read More

Round the Bays Auckland 2014 by Angela Caldin

I did something on Sunday that I’ve never done before in my life: I took part in a fun run. At this point, I have to come clean and confess that I didn’t actually run, I completed the course at a steady yet springy walk, but I can confidently say that the entire experience was a whole lot of fun. The fun run in question was the Round the Bays annual event which is 8.4km long over a flat course following the contours of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. It starts in the heart… Read More

Yachtitis by Trevor Plumbly

A Vile Bug Takes Hold There’s a nasty virus sweeping the country just now and I’m a bit worried it’s the second outbreak in recent years. Australia had a national epidemic of it some time ago but seems to have it under control these days. ‘Yachtitis’ is slow to establish itself, but at its peak is highly contagious and mind-affecting. Symptoms are easily spotted: normally inoffensive folk start speaking in mariner tongue, dropping words like ‘gibe’, ‘spinnaker’ and ‘tack’ into normal conversation. They suddenly become sons of the sea, not your ‘yo-ho-ho… Read More

A Sporting Chance by Trevor Plumbly

A Nation Obsessed by Sport International image is pretty important to most countries, especially small ones, and New Zealand is certainly no different in its anxiety to scrub up for foreign approval. Superficially, we shine up pretty well: ‘Godzone’ and all that, a clean, green land occupied by smiling, tattooed Maoris, All Black rugby players and all manner of sportspeople gung-ho to show the world what a tiny country can achieve on the world stage. Medals and titles won are usually accompanied by an ‘against all odds’ reference to our somewhat sparse… Read More

Group Exercise Sessions in Auckland by Angela Caldin

Personal Training for those of Advanced Years Devoted readers of this blog may remember that before Christmas I treated myself to six sessions with a personal trainer called Nic. I got considerably fitter and began to feel muscles that had not been tried or tested for many a long year. I wasn’t sure what the next step should be, until, towards the end of January, Nic got in contact to say that her group training sessions were restarting after the summer break and would I like to join one of them. In… Read More