The Gift by Trevor Plumbly

A Summons from Betty Dingle Some years ago, during a TV programme on antiques, I made the comment that an interesting or family story behind an item was its greatest value. Shortly after the show was aired, I received a letter from a viewer asking if I would visit and look at her mother’s desk. Such letters weren’t rare at the time and I generally politely sidestepped them by a phone call or letter requesting photographs. Betty Dingle’s letter was different from the norm; it had a sort of polite instructive tone… Read More

A Death Unnoticed or Neighbourhood What? By Trevor Plumbly

Lonely Death We’re all a bit battle hardened when it comes to the news and I’m certainly no exception; but occasionally the odd story strikes a chord and I get moved to shove it into as many people’s consciences as possible, hence this departure from poking fun at some aspects of life. I read this morning of an elderly man’s body being discovered some six weeks after his death, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of utter sadness. Dying, despite the adventure yarns and Hollywood versions, is still a sad affair for… Read More

Together Again – A Cynic’s Look at Reunions by Trevor Plumbly

   Invitation to a Reunion When the card came inviting me to a school reunion, I couldn’t believe that some silly bugger would think that I or anyone else of sound mind would possibly want to get together after 50 odd years, but there are obviously some people who just can’t leave well alone and waste oodles of time in their senior years trying to re-unite people who have avoided that very nicely for years. I can’t possibly think what they, or even their victims, get out of it: maybe they’re so… Read More

A New Language or I Don’t Give a Shift Any More! By Trevor Plumbly

   A New Global Language I envy no more my fellow bloggers’ higher educational achievements, nor their ability to write without constant use of the delete key. Not because I’ve been deluged with a storm of tolerance and self-deprecation; it’s just that I’m on the verge of something so bloody global I haven’t got time for minor things like comparisons. I am in the process of developing an entirely new language! Cynics among you may feel that we’ve got enough of them to go round, but mine will be of comfort and… Read More

Youth Crime – Dealing with the Half-Pint Pirates by Trevor Plumbly

Countless Agencies in the Field of Youth Crime To my jaundiced eye, it seems that there must be more people fighting juvenile crime than there are juvenile criminals to go round. From politicians to parents and the liquorice all-sorts of agencies in between, it’s astonishing to me that an army of this size can’t solve a problem that a clip round the ear might have sorted out a few years ago. But parents, even if they could be bothered, aren’t allowed to do that anymore. Contribution of Consumerism to Juvenile Crime I… Read More