Learning Curves by Trevor Plumbly

  Punching Our Weight As we continue to remind ourselves and the rest of the world, ‘New Zealand is a small country’ and in small countries, of course, little things mean a lot. As well as being small we are a ‘rugby’ country to the extent that a slight twinge in the halfback’s hamstring can provoke banner headlines. Rugby is a strange game to folk like me who preferred an injury free childhood. Devotees describe it as the ultimate contact sport and sell it to kids and mothers as character building, but… Read More

Sparring Partners by Trevor Plumbly

It’s that time again. You know, when all those government paid statisticians release their findings on what improved and what didn’t in the past year. It’s always seemed to me to represent a lot of effort for very little direct good. Ministers either crow about the results or promise that the problem will be addressed, but of course political survival demands that bad bits have as short a shelf life as possible, so the placebos are doled out to us and life goes on as usual. Don’t get me wrong, I love… Read More