Group Therapy by Trevor Plumbly

We’re a mixed bunch in the ‘Focus Group’. All retirees, with backgrounds including The Diplomatic Corps, Journalism, Audiology, Ophthalmology, Engineering and down to Antique Dealing. Our common link is sight loss, but whilst we refer to ourselves as ‘blindies’, most of us still nurse some sort of blurred, but fading vision. It amazes me that I’m part of the group! Years ago the idea that I’d trot along twice-monthly to an organised meeting would have been laughable, but Focus isn’t really a group, nor do we hold ‘proper’ meetings; ours are more… Read More

Bellyaches and pains by Trevor Plumbly

I’m OK . . . but? In my advanced years I’ve noticed the conversation range is narrowing somewhat; not to put too finer point on it, it’s getting bloody boring! It’s like when the pension arrives; broad based conversation does a bunk. I find discussing my, or another’s, internal well-being a bit limiting. I mean, the majority of us greet each other with a polite, ‘How are you?’ and up to the age of 60-odd you get an equally polite and brief reply, but, with age, you run the risk of hearing… Read More