Alcohol: the devil’s brew? by Angela Caldin

I went to a lovely dinner the other night, a celebration of someone’s seventieth birthday. It was a wonderful occasion with delicious food, delightful people and lots of fun. But, as is normal for me towards the end of such gatherings, as other people were boisterously laughing and whooping with ever-increasing mirth, I began to wonder how soon I could leave and make my way home to the comfort of my bed.  There’s a simple reason for this turn of mind: the other guests were drinking alcohol and I wasn’t, which means… Read More

On the Brighter Side by Trevor Plumbly

They’re Coming to Get Ya! I generally regard the off-beat and just plain cranky as adding a bit of spice to everyday life, but a couple of things lately have made that a bit more difficult to do. I was a 60s person and we weren’t short of the odd nutter in those days: some held the theory that whacking your brain with LSD led to great personal enlightenment, while others held the less harmful belief that carting around a crystal bead protected you from all sorts of nasties. My personal favourite… Read More

A Spot of Lindy Loo by Angela Caldin

Czech Origins of Lindy Loo I learnt something interesting while watching a programme about German immigrants to New Zealand. The presenter mentioned that the New Zealand sparkling wine Lindauer (sometimes referred to as Lindy Loo and intimately linked with Kiwi celebrations) was named after the painter Gottfried Lindauer (1839-1926), well known for his near photographic paintings of Māori. Gottfried Lindauer, also known by the Czech name Bohumir, was born on 5 January 1839, at Pilsen, Bohemia which is in Czechoslovakia. While still in his teens, he travelled to Vienna in Austria to… Read More

Mean People by Angela Caldin

A Mean Question One of my little granddaughters asked me the other day, ‘Why are there mean people in the world?’ I found myself stumped as to how to answer this challenging question, going as it does to the core of the human condition. Flashbacks to lectures on nature and nurture when studying Shakespeare came into my mind but my recollection was hazy and I doubt whether it would help a five year old even if it was clearer. In the end I settled for saying that we are all a mixture… Read More

Another tough day at the office…

Venue: Richmond Road Larder Eaten:   Trev and Angela – poached eggs on ciabatta toast with chutney. Emily – mushrooms in cream sauce on toast (bit too rich for me actually, should have stuck with the tried and tested big breakfast – ES) Drunk:  Not bloody likely as the management at Richmond Road Larder have yet to obtain an alcohol  licence due to “signage issues.” Agreed: Emily to pursue contact with Karen who could help with our SEO and other publicity matters. All bloggers to contribute  to facilitate this. Subjects for future… Read More