Cannabis: a pleasant relaxant or an addictive curse? By Angela Caldin

At one time, I had a job looking after witnesses in a magistrates’ court. To start with, I had a makeshift office in a tiny space between probation and the window; such are the joys of the charity sector. The great thing about that office was that all sorts of people passed by and I got to know many of them, gaining a great deal of inside knowledge. One of the people I met was a drugs worker who worked with the prisoners down in the cells. Like many others, I believed… Read More

The Devil’s Brew by Angela Caldin

It is with trepidation that I start to write about alcohol and its effects on us and our society, because I am more than well aware that my two fellow bloggers like a drink or twelve and that one of them at least has certainly suffered from some almighty hangovers in her time. But I am troubled by the hold that alcohol seems to have on our society at all levels, most dramatically among the young. Its effects are all too apparent in our town centres every weekend, when getting ‘bladdered’ seems… Read More