A Spot of Lindy Loo by Angela Caldin

Czech Origins of Lindy Loo I learnt something interesting while watching a programme about German immigrants to New Zealand. The presenter mentioned that the New Zealand sparkling wine Lindauer (sometimes referred to as Lindy Loo and intimately linked with Kiwi celebrations) was named after the painter Gottfried Lindauer (1839-1926), well known for his near photographic paintings of Māori. Gottfried Lindauer, also known by the Czech name Bohumir, was born on 5 January 1839, at Pilsen, Bohemia which is in Czechoslovakia. While still in his teens, he travelled to Vienna in Austria to… Read More

Under the Hammer or the Auctioneer’s Trade by Trevor Plumbly

The Auctioneer’s Attributes He climbs to his perch, gavel in hand, as powerful as any high court judge. But no-one’s going to lose their liberty here; the odd dream maybe, but that’s auctions for you. The professionals greet their rivals with a sort of false bonhomie and a studied indifference to anything on offer which they can see a profit in, while the amateurs fidget nervously and study their catalogues for the umpteenth time. Just like any good ringmaster, the auctioneer knows the value of tension, the pros might not be affected… Read More