Pestilence by Trevor Plumbly

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em I might be making a bit of a meal of this one, but quite frankly I’ve had a gutful of nit-pickers. Despite some opinions to the contrary, I’ve still got a functioning brain that can operate without contact with Silicone Valley or Beijing. But there’s a growing army out there armed with Google and Wikipedia hell-bent on proving that there’s something to be gained from second-hand thought or worse, gilding an already wilting lily. ‘I wonder?’ doesn’t seem to exist much… Read More

Looking Up and Down by Trevor Plumbly

Jacquie Sends Her Love! It’s clear to me that these computer geeks won’t stop until their insidious creations rule the world. They’ve done pretty well over the years: they’ve released us of the burden of having to write or even speak to each other; ‘online’ rules the world. And that, as you all know, pisses me off no end. Someone recently sent me an ‘e-card’, for Christ’s sake! What the bloody hell is an ‘e-card’ doing in polite society, let alone in my computer? I pondered the import of this piece of… Read More