Puberty revisited by Trevor Plumbly and Susan Grimsdell

Once again, Trevor has taken it into his head that we should have a joint blog, each of us writing our own take on a common subject. This time he has chosen the topic of puberty. Devoted readers will be aware that Trevor often returns to this topic and we can only guess at why this stage in his development looms so large. First flickers by Trevor These days it’s an easy trip: you can blame anything short of climate change on puberty and get away with a sympathetic nod. In my… Read More

War is hell by Trevor Plumbly

Conscription Subtle changes have occurred since I last wrote: I think teenage angst is about to launch a serious attack on Number 1 grandson. He has more of a quiet, serious nature and thus faces a tougher fight than his younger brother. Fortunately, he has parents sensible enough to accompany him on the trip rather than push off when things get tough. Puberty is far too cruel to be imposed on the young; it seems to me that God got it sort of upside down and  this measure of confusion and self-doubt… Read More