Independence Day at the Supermarket by Trevor Plumbly

Supermarket, Here I Come For ‘normals’ (non-blindies), running out of milk and bread isn’t really that big a deal: they can hop in the car or just pop up to the nearest dairy. To be honest, it wasn’t that much of a problem for me either, despite the fact that Pam was away for a few days: my friendly local store was just a 5 minute walk away, but for some inexplicable reason I decided to go to the supermarket. It may have been a rabid flash of independence, a yearning for… Read More

How to Deal with a Blindy by Trevor Plumbly

The Perils of Being Partially Sighted I first wrote something along these lines for an in-house magazine for visually impaired people with a view to putting a lighter slant on the daily problems that face the visually impaired.  Being partially blind gives me an insight into both camps (excuse the pun); sure I use, and rely on, a white cane but unlike the majority of ‘blindies’ I do have some vision left: not enough to enjoy TV, but let’s face it, that might be a bit of a blessing along with the… Read More

It’s Good to Get Away by Trevor Plumbly

Getting Away New Zealand Style One of the oddest things about New Zealand is the enormous enthusiasm most people have for ‘getting away’. Given the size of the country, it’s pretty tough to get really far away from whatever moves you to flee the nest several times a year. I tend to be a bit cynical about it all really; it seems to me that most people getting away from ‘it all’ want to pack most it of ‘it all’ in the car with them, before heading off with thousands of fellow… Read More

Problems with Technology for those with Poor Eyesight – White Caners Keeping in Touch by Trevor Plumbly

Evermore Sophisticated Gadgets Even with good eyesight, I always found technology elusive, a sort of nether-world inhabited only by bespectacled nerds and nimble-fingered youths. These people could do THINGS! Things quite beyond my capability, like programming video players or setting digital alarm clocks. In those days they had a sort of ‘harmless party trick’ novelty about them, but I always felt they were up to something. Now, of course, largely due to lack of control, they just about rule the world! Or most of the bits that are worth ruling. As is… Read More

The Perils Of Dining Out When You Can’t See by Trevor Plumbly

Making a meal of it – the difficulties of dining out when you’re blind What used to be an event or celebration has become the subject of debate within my family. ‘Let’s eat out!’ was a popular proposition; so it was into the car and cruise the local eateries until a decision was reached on which particular food most of us would be happy with. From memory, there was never a unanimous vote, so it was quite common for one of us to sit at a table yearning for Chinese whilst the… Read More