Silos Old and New and an Ugly Buzzword – Unsiloing, by Angela Caldin

Silo Park on Auckland’s Waterfront Silo Park at the far end of Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is one of my favourite places on the city waterfront. On Friday evenings in the summer there’s a lively event down there with food and drink stalls and, when it gets dark, a film is projected onto one of the giant silos. People lie on the grass enjoying the balmy evening. The silos at Silo Park are giant cylindrical containers which used to hold cement. Silo Seven was one of those that made up the tank farm… Read More

Leveraging – A Buzzword for our Times by Angela Caldin

Leverage, a Noun that’s become a Verb Leverage has joined that increasing band of words that are now used as verbs as well as nouns, such as impact, access, action, transition, dialogue. I recently proofread the text for a computing website where they were leveraging away like mad, clearly of the opinion that the use of the word leverage as a verb added a certain special something to their site and their brand. You can use a lever to make a task easier and this gives rise to the noun leverage. The… Read More

What should we tell the children? By Emily Smart

It’s been a busy week in the Glasgow-Smart household as we’ve been ‘celebrating’ Halloween. Decisions and then more decisions. What costumes to wear? Which make-up? What size loot bags?  How many sweets required for trick or treaters calling at our house? We are now of course suffering the after effects. All round grumpiness due to staying up past 8pm and no doubt massive dental bills for the next 10 years as a result of the bucket loads of sugar the kids have been consuming morning, noon and night. Halloween: it’s a strange… Read More