Huff and puff by Trevor Plumbly

Grumpy old git part 2 It’s cold and wet in Auckland and I’ve got all reflective about a couple of law changes in the offing. Odd things in life seem to matter at my age; even so, at the risk of contradiction from my fellow bloggers, I regard myself as a pretty normal sort of bloke. It wasn’t always thus, but age tends to water things down a bit. In my formative years you were either the sort of boy your girlfriend invited home to meet mother, or useful as a cudgel… Read More

Cannabis: a pleasant relaxant or an addictive curse? By Angela Caldin

At one time, I had a job looking after witnesses in a magistrates’ court. To start with, I had a makeshift office in a tiny space between probation and the window; such are the joys of the charity sector. The great thing about that office was that all sorts of people passed by and I got to know many of them, gaining a great deal of inside knowledge. One of the people I met was a drugs worker who worked with the prisoners down in the cells. Like many others, I believed… Read More