Funny Money or the Death of the Cheque Book by Trevor Plumbly

The Demise of Cash and Cheque Books I’ve just heard that Australian banks are making yet another effort to remove cheque books from the banking system. It is, I suppose, a natural progression from the push for a ‘cashless society’. And if that moves across the Tasman, as I suspect it will, we’ll all be a lot poorer as a result. Looking askance, as is my wont, I can’t help wondering what effect this increasing dependency on electronic economics will have on people’s ability to manage their affairs. It seems to me… Read More

Think On by Angela Caldin

UK Treasury minister David Gauke has said it is morally wrong to pay tradesmen such as plumbers and builders in cash in the hope of avoiding tax. He argued the practice came at a big cost to the Treasury and meant other people had to pay more tax. This made me think about all the times many of us pay and accept cash: for cleaners, baby sitters, window cleaners and lodgers, thinking little of it. More than 2000 years ago, the poet Ovid penned these prophetic words: How little you know about the… Read More