Whatever Happened to Outrage by Trevor Plumbly

Swings and Roundabouts New Zealand is a green and peasant land on the face of it, relatively crime free by most other standards and, if the tourist publicity image is to be believed, populated by easy-going folk with a love of the great outdoors, rugby and livestock. But, like everywhere else, we’ve got our dark spots and, just like everywhere else, we’re not quite sure what to do about them. We basically operate under the British system, which god knows has tried for centuries to get to grips with crime. Hanging, hard labour,… Read More

Was Michael Jackson Really Bad? By Emily Smart

A Moonwalk Down Memory Lane There’s been something of a Michael Jackson Renaissance in this house of late, as the kids have discovered the man in the mirror via YouTube. Hours are spent watching the creative genius moonwalk and dance his way through endless pop videos, from Blame it On the Boogie to Black or White. They love him. My eldest – just about to turn eight – daughter announced this morning, “You know Mum, I’m not so worried about death, ‘cos I’ll get to meet Michael Jackson.” Possibly one of the… Read More

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.’ By Angela Caldin

There is much in the media in recent days about paedophiles; some well-known, some not so well-known. Perhaps we should remind ourselves that for every paedophile there are likely to be multiple victims.  But there doesn’t seem to be a great deal written about these victims, who in very many cases have to live the rest of their lives knowing that nothing has been done about the perpetrator and that little has been offered to them by way of help and support. Most of us have probably had a childhood experience where… Read More