A Real Disaster by Trevor Plumbly

Sometimes I think human nature can be quite unpleasant. Normally the unpleasantness manifests itself in fairly predictable ways, but recently it seems that the obnoxious tendency to point the finger of blame extends to just about any situation, regardless of how tragic. The Christchurch earthquake here in New Zealand demonstrates this point pretty well. At the time, there were glowing reports of heroism and dedication to duty by the public and the services involved. But, sadly, once the dust settles, the good things get pushed aside to make way for the blame… Read More

Population Exchange by Angela Caldin

Imagine for a moment that an arbitrary decree came out of Brussels requiring that all the French people living in the UK (about 400,000) should move back to France, and all the British people living in France (about 200,000) should move back to the UK. There would be no appeals or exceptions to the ruling which would take no account of wealth or status or business ties, but only of nationality. Imagine too that the people involved could only take with them what they could carry. They must leave behind their furniture… Read More