Modem installation barriers by Susan Grimsdell

Language barrier Recently my modem played up and, on phoning Orcon, I was told that it needed replacing.  Quite magical that they can check it at a distance like that.  OK, new modem arrives – just swap it over, what could be simpler than that.  I’m not stupid – I can read instructions and follow pictures on a diagram.  Well, yes, I can read instructions when they’re in English.  What about “plug the small end of the ethernet cable into the port on the filter”.  “Ethernet” – which dictionary has that word… Read More

An Apple All Day by Trevor Plumbly

We blindies have problems with technology and sadly none more than yours truly; I find it frustrating jabbing away at icons which others can negotiate with ease. I try not to resent their dexterity but I reckon I’m entitled to a jaundiced overview. The spark for this blog was provided by a phone call the other day whilst I was hanging out the washing. This situation always poses a problem for me: do I risk injury and make a dash for it or do I feel my way safely and hope they… Read More

We Have Contact by Trevor Plumbly

I suppose we’ve all got our own ideas about the benefit computer technology has brought to our particular world with the previously unimaginable ease of access to knowledge, information and a broad bank of opinion. The problem I’ve got with all this technological wonder is that other people own and control it and I don’t think that some of them are all that nice. On the credit side, we can now cruise around in our cars safe in the knowledge that an electronic voice linked to a satellite on high will reprimand… Read More