A Spot of Bother by Trevor Plumbly

For some time now I’ve enjoyed the music application Spotify. As I’m somewhat blind, it saves the hassle of identifying and playing discs, but about a month ago, for no apparent reason, the music died, right in the middle of ‘Myfanwy’ by The Morriston Orpheus Choir (it’s a must!). Now these guys can sing a bit of ‘churchy’ stuff so there was no way someone up there would have pulled the plug, so I concluded it must be the machine. Naturally I sought help, and in the process I discovered that most… Read More

C U L8r by Trevor Plumbly

I hate people who say ‘I told you so!’ but I did tell u (sorry) so! And since my first warning to you, Mr Apple and Co have put the boot in even further to what remains of our youngsters’ language skills. Doubtless the Concise Oxford Dictionary, as is its wont in recent times, will be quick to spread the latest form of linguistic sepsis just to prove that a bunch of academic wordsmiths are up with the times. What on earth can those who are charged with protecting and promoting language… Read More

A Prevaricator’s Progress by Trevor Plumbly

Ain’t progress grand? Or is it? I wonder if we really understand the ultimate costs of the new technology. Sure, I use it when it suits, like a lot of folk, but lately it’s becoming more of a habit than a convenience and more concerning, it’s a habit increasingly hard to break, with most middle level and major companies directing me to web sites rather than written or spoken contact. More disturbingly still, government departments have happily joined up, all in the name of efficiency and economy.