A Detached Retina by Trevor Plumbly

It doesn’t hurt to ask yourself questions when your actions or reactions push you to a point you can’t back away from. Yeah, I know, it’s stupid, unproductive, unprofitable and all that other stuff that reasonable people cling to. But what the hell happened to right and wrong? I tend to get uneasy with people who dilute situations into palliative compromise. It’s not that I’m overly obstinate, I simply believe that if I feel I am right in a given situation I am entitled to maintain that stance, not have it watered… Read More

Think On by Angela Caldin

The last of the Bee Gees There’s only one Bee Gee left now from the original four brothers. Barry Gibb gave the eulogy at his brother Robin’s recent funeral and spoke these heartfelt words: ‘Even right up to the end we found conflict with each other, which now means nothing. It just means nothing. If there’s conflict in your lives – get rid of it.’