The Second Going by Trevor Plumbly

Dealing with criminals has been a problem since biblical times, and it’s pretty obvious that most permutations of solving matters have been tried over the centuries. From dismemberment medieval torture to the current favourite of avuncular admonishment, the most inventive solution, deportation, was devised by the British in the 18th Century. It was heralded as a win-win piece of legislation, dumping the undesirables as far away as geographically possible, whilst planting the Union Jack in yet another quarter of the planet. Anything of value to the Mother Country would be virtually free… Read More

Godzone Country? (Yeah Right!) by Trevor Plumbly

Sunil Kumar was a 30 year old Fijian, a carpenter by trade. Under a work permit he lived in New Zealand without causing any apparent problem until quite recently. Sunil was diagnosed with a kidney problem that required dialysis and an eventual transplant. It doesn’t take a massive amount of brain power to understand that the capabilities of Fijian hospitals are somewhat limited compared to ours and that shipping Mr Kumar back to his native land would have placed him under some sort of risk. Sadly, it seems that our Assistant Minister… Read More