Happy Easter! By Trevor Plumbly

No it’s not! I’m not a fan of Easter or heavy rain, but I’m in Auckland and its piddling down with racehorse ferocity, assisted by gale force winds and the thought has just struck me that if this Easter bash is such a joyous occasion, why doesn’t the Old Boy upstairs come to the party and chuck a bit of sunshine around this fair land? I’d like to add (somewhat hastily) that I’m not questioning his judgement, more sort of seeking clarification; I tend to get introspective when the family are away… Read More

Special Days by Trevor Plumbly

Days Lost in the Mists of Time They may well be special to some, but in my old, if somewhat worn opinion, some of them are a bit of a non-event or at least should be in this day and age. We Kiwis seem compelled to incite ourselves to a commemorative day frenzy for the most obscure reasons, and every year I can’t help wondering if we really need quite so many of them. But we sort of specialise in days off and expect all and sundry to observe and respect them;… Read More