A smart gadget too far by Angela Caldin

The atmosphere in our house is electric. It’s full of accusations, recriminations and suspicion. And all because of the introduction into our ménage of an allegedly money saving gadget which is meant to make life run more smoothly and happily. A cuckoo in the nest This dangerous and sinister interloper is called a Smart Meter and it comes with a twinkling Wi-Fi sidekick called a Smart Energy Tracker. I am a thrifty person by nature, always ready to embark on an economy drive in order to save a penny or two, so… Read More

Angela’s ABCs – Currant and Current

Words easily confused. One letter makes all the difference: Currant and current. I hesitated the other day as I wrote the word undercurrent – should it have an ‘a’ or an ‘e’? I consulted Google and found that currants are dried, black, seedless grapes originally produced in Greece. So blackcurrants, redcurrants and any other fruit currants you can think of take an ‘a’. Current on the other hand has two meanings: Of the present time, up-to-date, contemporary A movement of water, air or electricity, in a particular direction Examples: We visited the bank… Read More