Threats to our world by Angela Caldin

There is extreme flooding on the east coast of Australia after a ‘once-in-a-thousand-years’ weather bomb, resulting in buildings, vehicles, roads and bridges being submerged. People climb onto their rooftops and huddle there in groups waiting to be rescued. It is terrible to see such devastation, but I say to myself that I am safe. Not long ago, there were violent storms in England with quaint names like Franklin, Eunice and Dudley which damaged buildings, ripped off rooves, uprooted trees and left homes without power. It is frightening to see this wreckage, but… Read More

Nor any drop to drink by Trevor, Angela and Emily. Thoughts on the importance of water

Trevor speaks We need to take water more seriously. As we focus on saving electricity and oil, we need to educate ourselves into more intelligent use of clean water. Don’t waste it At home, habits like running taps and poorly planned hose use could be easily corrected, but commercial abuse is where the main threats lie. Dairy farmers use billions of litres for sterilizing and cleaning procedures; surely a lot could be recycled? Soft drink manufacturers are returning huge profits by producing untold amounts of what is medically accepted as gutrot, but… Read More

Happy Easter! By Trevor Plumbly

No it’s not! I’m not a fan of Easter or heavy rain, but I’m in Auckland and its piddling down with racehorse ferocity, assisted by gale force winds and the thought has just struck me that if this Easter bash is such a joyous occasion, why doesn’t the Old Boy upstairs come to the party and chuck a bit of sunshine around this fair land? I’d like to add (somewhat hastily) that I’m not questioning his judgement, more sort of seeking clarification; I tend to get introspective when the family are away… Read More