English as She is Spoke by Angela Caldin

Breaking the Carapace of the English Language There was a wonderful programme on UK’s Channel 4 recently, entitled ‘Why don’t you speak English?’ It tackled head on the question of why some immigrants fail to learn English and therefore find it hard to integrate into British society. The programme makers selected four immigrants: one from Poland, one from China, one from Colombia and one from Congo, all of whom had a very sketchy grasp of English. Each one was billeted for a week in an English household in the hope that the… Read More

My Bucket List by Angela Caldin

When Emily first suggested that she and I should write our own bucket lists following Trev’s  compelling example, I was very resistant – I didn’t want to do it at all. I couldn’t  see the point of pinning myself down to things that I might have no interest in after a year or two. But once I started, I found I really enjoyed it and things just flowed along like shopping items on the supermarket conveyor belt on their way to the till. And when I look at them again, I see… Read More