The Owl and the Ipad By Trevor Plumbly

I read somewhere the other day that they are increasing funding for school leavers to help them cope with entering the workplace. This caused me to reflect on how us oldies get shafted when it comes to government funded lolly scrambles. If they can toss public money at adolescents what about the oldies, I ask? What about a training scheme for grandparents? I could certainly use one and I bet I’m not alone in this. Others may be too embarrassed to air their shortcomings but not I gentle reader. It’s high time… Read More

Grandparents Crossing the Globe by Angela Caldin

The Pain of Separation A year or two before I became a grandmother, I had a job providing support to witnesses called to give evidence in criminal trials at a magistrates’ court in London. All kinds of people of all ages, races, socio-economic groups, prejudices, temperaments and beliefs flowed through the doors and I remember very few individual cases. But two people have always stayed in my mind: an elderly couple who had been the victims of a fraudulent builder who had marched the husband to the bank and made him draw… Read More

Grandparents’ Delight by Angela Caldin

Bucolic Idyll Envisaged When my lovely son-in-law asked if we could look after our three delightful granddaughters for a day, while he and our daughter enjoyed a wine tour on Waiheke Island, we agreed with alacrity. What a blissful win-win arrangement, I thought: we would have the three little ones all to ourselves while their parents had a well-deserved and happy day-out together. But as the day drew nearer, the attractiveness of the prospect began to wane ever so slightly, mainly because the uninterrupted summer sunshine of the last few months was… Read More