A Margin for Error by Trevor Plumbly

Some things in life just pass you by without a great deal of fuss; they’re a part of the landscape of ordinary everyday events. It’s not till elderly hindsight kicks in that you realise that a huge opportunity breezed past your doorstep and you never even noticed. Such is the case with me: one tends to do a bit of stocktaking in one’s autumnal years. Now I don’t do the heavy soul purging stuff all that well; it’s not that there’s nothing there to purge, I just think regurgitating sleeping misdemeanours is… Read More

Fare Well on Welfare by Trevor Plumbly

Welfare State Systems – The Original Concept We don’t send young kids up chimneys anymore; the poorhouses are all gone along with the lunatic asylums and, to a large extent, hunger and extreme poverty have been eliminated. For all that progress, we owe an awful lot to the architects of the welfare state system, first put into practice in the UK and Germany, then copied in many other countries. Like Christianity and Communism, state welfare in its pure form made perfect sense, in both political and humanitarian terms. Improve the lot of… Read More