A long and winding road by Trevor Plumbly

The Pilgrim’s Progress Yep! I’ve read it. Years ago it was considered healthy reading for pre-pubescent minds. Back then, the hero Christian was the James Bond of religious literature, without the totties of course. Like Fleming, Bunyan’s left his mark: even today the waffle-mob still refer to life as a ‘journey’, which is fine if you’re sitting on your arse in a sort of spiritual Rolls Royce, inspired by Christian’s trip to the Celestial City; most of us though, aren’t cut out for the A to B road. The old stuff’s still… Read More

Thoughts on guilt by Trevor, Susan and Emily

Not guilty by Trevor I’m not sure why guilt was ever included in our wiring system. Apart from acting as a religious crowbar, it just doesn’t seem to have any use outside the law. For the rest of us, it’s a pretty useless part of the emotional locker. I formulated this theory as a child by discovering that you either got away with it or you didn’t; given the former, there’d be nothing to worry about and in the latter case, I was going to cop it anyway so why clog things… Read More

Sin Eating – An Unhealthy Diet by Trevor Plumbly

The ancient art of sin eating Even at age 70 one can always find a new challenge. Just today I discovered an ancient group of chaps known as ‘sin eaters’. It seems that, in earlier times, the job of these guys was to ensure that the departed didn’t go upstairs with anything sinful attached. It was a fairly simple process: bread and beer were passed across the corpse to the sin eater who tucked in, symbolically consuming the sins of the departed. He then collected his fee and waited for the next… Read More