Hip hop across the world by Angela Caldin

I look forward to Wednesdays because it’s the day I go and collect my 12 year old granddaughter from hip hop. I like to go a bit early so that I can watch her and her fellow dancers going through their latest routine. Last week they were practising a segment which involved very fast arm movements, flashing above and around their heads. It looked challenging and hard to keep in time with the music and each other. ‘It’s called waacking,’ said a mother standing next to me. ‘Why don’t you tell your… Read More

Hip Hop – a Revelation by Angela Caldin

If I was downbeat a while ago about the ascendancy of the brittle, glittery Elsa over the more admirable Anna in the film Frozen, I am upbeat this week now that I have discovered the wonderfully assertive dance form which is hip hop. I did ballet as a child and loved its graceful elegant movements, so I didn’t know quite what to expect when I went along to my middle granddaughter’s end of year hip hop display. What I saw was a marvellously energetic dance form a million miles away from ballet. The… Read More