Happy Holiday by Trevor Plumbly

As I’ve said before, it’s an odd time for me, between the gathering, the going and the silence that follows. Since I don’t travel well, the going away only affects me at one remove. This I regard as something of a blessing as I find the chorus cataloguing the essentials along with the main verse of ‘have I packed???’ is best left to one person if sanity and matrimonial harmony are to be preserved. After the departure, with a few ‘don’t forget to’s’ still rattling around the old brain, I knuckle down to organising… Read More

Special Days by Trevor Plumbly

Days Lost in the Mists of Time They may well be special to some, but in my old, if somewhat worn opinion, some of them are a bit of a non-event or at least should be in this day and age. We Kiwis seem compelled to incite ourselves to a commemorative day frenzy for the most obscure reasons, and every year I can’t help wondering if we really need quite so many of them. But we sort of specialise in days off and expect all and sundry to observe and respect them;… Read More

It’s Good to Get Away by Trevor Plumbly

Getting Away New Zealand Style One of the oddest things about New Zealand is the enormous enthusiasm most people have for ‘getting away’. Given the size of the country, it’s pretty tough to get really far away from whatever moves you to flee the nest several times a year. I tend to be a bit cynical about it all really; it seems to me that most people getting away from ‘it all’ want to pack most it of ‘it all’ in the car with them, before heading off with thousands of fellow… Read More