Fun Without Emily Smart by Trevor Plumbly

Always the Entrance! Some people do and some people don’t. Stand out, I mean. There are those that can fade into the wallpaper, whilst others, without exerting any great effort, can switch on a sort of inbuilt social booster mechanism. With Emily, there aren’t many flat phases in her life. Ange’s last piece reminded me of my birthday: the present seemed about half as big as Emily as she and Susan burst through the front door chanting ‘Happy Birthday to You!’ with considerably more vigour than melodic talent. She placed the box… Read More

Home Brew Bloggers’ Style by Angela Caldin

My fellow blogger, Emily, works in an office situated just opposite a shop selling home brewing supplies and equipment. She is a lover of beer and, gazing out of her office window one day at the array of beer kits displayed across the road, her mind began to turn to the possibility of brewing her own. The thought then struck her that our other fellow blogger, Trevor, is also a connoisseur of beer and, as his birthday was fast approaching, she hit upon the notion of buying him a beer-making kit as… Read More