Homelessness by Susan Grimsdell

Homelessness is getting a lot of attention in New Zealand nowadays, particularly in Auckland. People who live in so-called leafy suburbs rarely come across it, I imagine, whereas I live in the Central City and have homeless people sleeping outside my building and in doorways and on benches all the way up Queen Street, so I see them every day and it’s hard not to think about and care about their plight. Where has kindness gone? What our society needs is a good helping of kindness.  New Zealand used to have kindness… Read More

Ecclesiastes and all that by Trevor Plumbly

Sense and stupidity The mice have departed only to be replaced by more virulent pests: the politicians are back from yet another recess and, as ever, they’re anxious to invade and parade their virtues. I know I go on a bit about them, but their ability to speak at length and say so little never ceases to amaze me. ‘Sure there are problems in some areas, but they were caused by the previous administration’, is a familiar cry. It could be argued that we voted them in to fix those problems, but… Read More