Another fine mess by Susan Grimsdell

Does the resignation of the Leader of the NZ Opposition, Todd Muller, send a signal that the public has a  standard of decency, one that he failed to meet?                                                                                                                               … Read More

I’m Not One to Moan, But . . . by Trevor Plumbly

My Day in Bite-sized Chunks At 70 odd, pretty grumpy and more than a bit blind, I find it easier and more pleasant to divide my day into little manageable sections. It’s fairly basic really: a spell on the Exercycle to kick start the moveable bits, then on to the cryptic crossword to let my brain know that I haven’t croaked overnight. After that, an hour or so of general household chores, followed by preparing lunch. The afternoon usually slides by with a couple of hours reading, another crossword and some computer… Read More

Death of an Agony Aunt, Birth of an Agony Uncle by Trevor Plumbly

A Second Opinion Aunt Abby died recently: not my personal aunt but the last of the great agony aunts. Those of us who followed her syndicated weekly column of gentle guidance and reproof, enjoyed a delightful part of newspaper folklore. Some, like me, pored over the misdeeds and misadventures of her hapless correspondents out of sheer nosiness, whilst others probably viewed her weekly wisdom as part of their family life. That being the case, I feel constrained to offer my services to any members of the fourth estate who may feel that… Read More