Out of Sight by Trevor Plumbly

On the Other Side I must confess to having been fairly ambivalent about the plight of blind folk till I joined their ranks. Sure, they were around, but not really part of my world; like most, I was happy to give a few dollars of conscience money on appeal days just as I did with all the other causes that didn’t really affect me personally. My reaction to someone with a white cane was a sort of distant sympathy, along the lines of ‘Poor sod, but he/she seems to be getting about… Read More

Independence Day at the Supermarket by Trevor Plumbly

Supermarket, Here I Come For ‘normals’ (non-blindies), running out of milk and bread isn’t really that big a deal: they can hop in the car or just pop up to the nearest dairy. To be honest, it wasn’t that much of a problem for me either, despite the fact that Pam was away for a few days: my friendly local store was just a 5 minute walk away, but for some inexplicable reason I decided to go to the supermarket. It may have been a rabid flash of independence, a yearning for… Read More